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Landon Scaife Perspective



The approach I take to each image I capture is simple, yet viscerally cinematic. Deep tones, moody scenes and sharp lighting environments guide my creativity when it’s time to collaborate with a new client, and I live to seize every moment with my lens: whether it be transformative or straightforward. There’s a thrill to be found in even the most subtle of subjects, and that’s where I’m able to allow my imagination to run free without limitation.


My portfolio illustrates an emphasis on my portraiture and lifestyle photography works: but I’ve single-handedly shot in a variety of different situations from intimate engagement sessions and weddings to large-scale corporate celebrations of all kind. I love any opportunity to push myself and further develop my talents as a photo artist, and there’s no idea too small or vague to build from when it comes to conceptualizing a photo shoot.


Adventure, travel and ever-broadening horizons have influenced my life and work most fluidly as a photographer, and my self-taught approach to and love for the art really took a hold at a time when I was least expecting it: but fostering this flourishing passion of mine has been one of the most rewarding challenges I’ve been blessed to undertake in all my years.


I’ve evolved as a creative to become an adaptive spirit, and I’m constantly inspired by the entice of nature, making connections with like-minded individuals, and the understated, everyday beauty that’s found out in the world around us.


"Top notch work. Very Professional"

— Kevin Rogers

"Photography sessions so much fun the kids even liked it."

- Melenie

"I would highly recommend Landon Sciafe for your media solutions!"

— Xander